Dog Riding Motorcycle

Last Friday morning, while traveling down Manhattan’s Henry Hudson Parkway we came upon a dog riding, well, you know, on a motorcycle.

dog riding motorcycle



From Chelsea…


FDNY Call box

We finally dug out our camera and discovered one last visit to DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park that we had prior to moving up the river still hadn’t been uploaded.

fdny callbox

We enjoyed seeing this, maybe it is working, maybe it isn’t working, FDNY call box in the set.  Say hello for me.

I’m Staying Alive

For those of you who are wondering, we are still alive and well – just ridiculously busy of late.  We moved out of New York City, or as a longtime neighbor of ours said with regards to moving out of Brooklyn, “you’ve escaped the 38th Parallel.”

Still settling in with the new space.  More posts and BIG news to come in due time.

The Fancy Hat

We found this fancy hat at the corner of Church Ave and McDonald Ave in Kensington, Brooklyn.

fancy hat
We might wear the hat ourselves one day.

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