Clementine = Allergy

I am not feeling well. My eyes are still swollen and itchy. My lips are dry and itchy. Why? Cause my body is a douche bag and is allergic to clementine.

Google is no help with this allergy. I was hoping for magical rub butter on your eyes sort of remedy to help me out.

My coworkers tell me that my eyes appear to be looking worse than this morning.

Despite the fact that I haven’t had a clementine in over 24 hours I am showing all these signs of the clementine allergen, I just want to eat another, and I know that I can’t.

Fresh fruit sucks ass. I’m giving up fresh fruit and vegetables from all this.


I woke up today (Friday) with my right eye looking as though I was beaten with fists. The swelling has gone done dramatically since that first look in the mirror. I’ll see if I can get someone to take a pic or two at work and post it up.

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  1. I am very very very sorry for your loss of the ability to enjoy clementines. But I am quite looking forward to the mass clementine orgy that I am going to partake in being that you are unable to eat the rest of those mofos yourself. Watch out!

  2. Why do you people care about clementines so much?

    They’re just little oranges.

    Yes they are.

  3. Beehive Hairdresser

    They are the fruit that tastes like candy.

    It says so on the box, too.

  4. Clementines rock and I’m not ashamed of my addiction!

  5. Hi… I have no idea who you are but I just searched Google for Clementine allergy and found your blog. This was a complete hunch. 2 weeks ago one eye blew up… and yesterday.. both eyes swollen. Those little oranges were the only thing I ate prior to both reactions. It seemed crazy but then… I found your post! Thanks for reinforcing my hunch. (and no more of these little guys for me!!)

  6. i was just looking at this because i appear to be having the same reaction and for lunch ate a clementine. how did you discover that your reaction was to a clementine? I NEED YOUR HELP! what else will happen to me?

  7. I basically get itchy all over, splotchy around the eyes and that one time that had my ear at a 90 degree angle. I was fine in a couple of hours.

    An antihistamine would probably stop the itching. I’m not sure else would happen to you, if you’re worried see a doctor.

  8. Thank you! The reaction is gone, but it was just like you described.
    i was so worried.
    But now, Every couple hours or so, i get a random spot to then leave in an hour. My prediction is that either my clementine allergy was not an allergy, but whatever is happening now. However maybe this is part of the same reaction. Thank you so much :)

  9. I’ve been allergic to oranges (not citrus, just oranges) for 15 years. I recently realized that clementines are not related and I can eat them. Even found clementine juice. Even more recently, like, last 3 days, I start getting itchy! Haven’t broke into full blown hives yet, like with oranges, but really itchy. What’s going on?!?!?!?

  10. Ate four clementines and my lips got swollen about four hours later.

  11. Hey I have a clementine allergy just like yours! I’ve dealt with seasonal and domestic allergies since I was 6 years old, so I know how to take care of myself when I get symptomatic.

    In response to your “Why do I still show signs?” question: It can stay in your system for awhile, in my opinion it’s “normal” in food allergy world. When I had an allergic reaction to herbal tea I had a continuous travelling rash for 3 days even with high doses of Benadryl and steroid creams.

    The next time you encounter clementines try these steps that I take:

    Wash your hands- orange peels have oils in them that can stay on your fingers, so wash diligently with dish soap.

    DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE- oh my god that is the absolute worst thing to do, it gives the oils a chance to affect your eyes, nose and mouth.

    Get the peels OUT of the house- throw them outside in the garden, take the trash to the curb, get it out or it will still be in the air and could affect you.

    Wipe down the counters, throw the dishes in the wash.

    Let people in your household know that you’re allergic and instruct them on how to dispose of the peels and clean up the area properly so that you don’t get sick.

    Medically I can’t give advice, but using an over the counter allergy medication is a good step to getting control over any immediate symptoms. Just be careful, they can make you very sleepy and you should always call your doctor to let him or her know that you’re taking it and why.

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