How Many Polacks Does It Take To Crew In A Lightbulb?

Three, obviously.

Thank you, we’ll be here all week, try the veal, and don’t forget to tip the waitstaff.

So this is a picture we took of a Polish deli in our neighborhood.  If you’ve passed through Bay Ridge, Brooklyn at one point or another you might realize the one big thing that is wrong with this awning…


Don’t know what it is?

Keep trying?

Getting hotter?

Okay, here’s what’s wrong with that awning.  Polbridge is in the neighborhood of Bay Ridge, which presently sits in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, which is the gateway to the New York Harbor – NOT the Golden Gate Bridge, which is in San Francisco.

Well, a bridge is a bridge, maybe they just got the two confused?

While confusion might take place if one was to look at the distance in height and suspension of both bridges on paper, it’s hard to confuse photos a light blue bridge with quite possibly the most recognizable bridge in the world, the one that is red and thousands of miles away.  It’s not like you don’t step outside of Polbridge deli and see this bridge staring back at you.


We love it when people manage to live up to an old and horrible stereotype…

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  1. wow, u sound miserable..maybe you should get outside of bayridge and get a about San Francisco ?

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Shante. Can I assume that you were the only person to have come to this blog by way of google searching “polbridge deli bayridge brooklyn”?

  3. Getting good at those AWSTATS now arent you?

  4. AWSTATS combined with the Raw Access Logs pinpointed shante to only this post. Gotta love it.

  5. dude, u sound like u lack brain cells. get a book, read from time to time, educate yourself, get off the net..

    just because a business doesn’t put up an awning to your desired specifications doesn’t mean there’s confused people behind it. It doesn’t matter what bridge they have in the picture, as long as it is a bridge. Nowhere in the name of the deli, does it indicate it is the verazano bridge.

    now to some new stereotypes —-> low-lives like u are certainly the dumbfucks of this great neighborhood that we call Bayridge. Now go on and try to keep jerking off without the comp monitor staring u in the face.

  6. Thank you for the laughs by way of your irate comment on a five year old post that was originally posted in jest.

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