Ledger Conspiracy Theory

Here’s the possible Heath Ledger conspiracy theory; the Church of Scientology either killed or had Heath Ledger taken out…. as crazy as that sounds… stay with me here.*


For the record, I never met Heath Ledger, don’t know much of him other than he was an actor, a father, and was separated from the mother of his young child.  I’ve only been privy to what has been in the media reports as to why and how he died.  I’m not a doctor, nor am I into believing most conspiracy theories,yet I have come up with this conspiracy theory that seems quite plausible – AND THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY IS PROBABLY NOT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HIM, but what if it really IS what happened?  What if???

Either way, there are alot of coincidental items around Ledger’s tragic death that make for a believable to some conspiracy theory, so I’m going to share this one with you.

Okay, remember a couple of years back,when husband Tom Cruise and wife Nicole Kidman had split – back then the rumors were that they could never have any biological children together due to medical reasons?  Kidman’s confirmed pregnant now, and Cruise has a daughter, and while it’s slightly off topic, I find it odd.


Anyway, remember a few years ago that there was a rumor that Tom Cruise had been found in bed with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, by Thomas’ wife; and how it was theorized that Tom Cruise signed a contract with Katie Holmes to be with him for five years, and then went on Oprah and did his crazy looking jumping all over the couch thing [click here to watch] proclaiming his love for his still quite new “lover” Katie Holmes as a way to get the news stories away from the rumor of his being found in bed with Rob Thomas?

Not sure if that is at all true or not, but these rumors set a pattern that shows how the people behind Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology apparently work hard to clear the air of bad media about them.

Okay, well, the last two weeks prior to Heath Ledger having died, the internet was a buzz over the leaked Scientology video with Tom Cruise making no sense to the lay mans ears.  Then, in the very week prior to Heath Ledger’s death the mainstream media had picked that up and had been focusing lots of coverage into weird things about Scientology, the new book about Scientology, and the leaked Tom Cruise rambling Scientology video.

Let me remind you that it has been well documented that the Church of Scientology does not like its name in the press in any negative form, and that in the last week of Ledger’s life, Scientology was receiving a full on dump truck of unwanted bad press.

Come Tuesday, after a three day weekend, at the beginning of a new news week, Heath Ledger mysteriously dies, with evidence leading to a possible accidental drug overdose.

Not only that, but an odd half an hour elapsed between Ledger being found by TWO people in poor physical condition, unconscious in physical distress, and the time when they finally decided to call 911 for help.

Why didn’t they call 911 for help at the first sign of Ledger being unconscious?  Why did they instead call Mary-Kate Olsen?  What were they physically doing for that half an hour?

Coincidence, maybe, planned, possibly.

Let’s look further.  What happened to the mainstream media sources since the Heath Ledger death news it?

Stories about Ledger have been highly publicized and at the forefront of almost every newscast and news agency with constant mentions of legal drugs being involved, with no evidence of any illegal substance being present.

What happened to the Tom Cruise video and not so good Church of Scientology news that had been all over the mainstream media?

Gone, nearly forgotten, not being mentioned.

This equation very well could just be a coincidence, however, it does end up coincidentally favoring the Church of Scientology immensely.

All of the bad Scientology news is gone from the media, and in its place is a big story of a very well known, good looking young man, known to the public, with a sure to be big hit movie coming out, having apparently died from an accidental drug overdose, with only prescription medications being involved as well.

Due to the circumstances of Ledger’s death, the Church of Scientology now has a new publicly known “victim” of bad effects of legal drugs and medications, while police are left with a clean case of “accident” and no suspect needing be sought.

It sounds like this could all be a perfect, coup d’etat, if you will.

Highly coincidental, or highly connected?  I’m not sure, but with Heath Ledger’s autopsy results coming back inconclusive, we might want to think about this or other things as being a possible cause for his death.

UPDATE: The mystery deepens… “A TOP forensics doctor says it is highly unlikely a groggy Heath Ledger accidentally overdosed on the prescription pills found in his apartment.

Dr. Michael Baden, chief forensic pathologist for the New York State Police, said it typically took a massive ingestion to kill.

“The pills generally have a large safety margin,” Dr Baden said.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: In no way shape or form does this post, the author, or the website BeehiveHairdresser.com intend on saying that Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, the Church of Scientology, or anyone else for that matter, actually had a hand in the cause of Heath Ledger’s death.  This post contains unscientific and unproven theory as well as rumors. This post is in fact one giant rumor, and should not be taken seriously.  This website is meant to bring readers entertainment by way of a world of truth based fictional mystery, and nothing mentioned here should be taken as a fact or truth.

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  1. I posted the same theory that night. It was the first thing I thought. Anything is possible, although I’m not making accusations or anything…

  2. I thought this right away too, and wanted to see what happened in the media. I’m sure that it’s all just a coincidence.

    Entertainment Tonight reported that the autopsy said that Ledger’s body had pooling of the blood, I forget what they called it medically, but they also said that this takes place hours after a person dies. If this is the case, then I’m not sure how close to a possibility of the 1 – 2:45PM timeline of his passing holds truth.

  3. I love that Mary-Kate Olsen has half a dozen “private security guards” at her disposal in NYC while she’s in L.A. I also love that they arrived WITH the cops! I want private security guards…

  4. The Post says Mark Kate killed him!

    Okay, not really, but her face is on the cover. That’s evidence enough, right?

  5. From yesterday’s New York Post…

    Wolozin (Massage Lady) to Mary Kate and this is a quote…

    “”I think he’s dead.” Olsen replies, “I already have people coming over.” Wolozin tells Olsen that she will call 911.”

    On top of that, CNN is reporting that Olsen’s bodyguards were trying to get into the room were Heath’s body was, and medics kept them out of it…


    Plus why was the NYPD so quick to rule it a accidental overdose within the first 90 minutes? And then not fully interview people involved.

    All of this leads to the mixture for the perfect conspiracy.

  6. Funny thing, don’t the scientologists do TOUCH ASSIST? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were behind it all. I mean look at how quick those Scientologists appear after the fact. It’s like they are covering up their cat sh*t. People don’t just drop dead at 28 like that. It is an actor. And why did that lady call another actor instead of 911? Maybe because this is all part of their scientology conspiracy. Notice how that homo Travolta is going around talking up a storm. A recruit gone bad? Sounds like it to me.

    I felt this was a cover-up by a Church as SOON as I heard the story break. Travolta was RIGHT THERE. WHY??? Cause Heath was probably assigned to Travolta as a recruit. Anything to turn the attention aay from their bad press. Stupid people.

  7. Are you guys fucking insane? Listen to yourselves!

  8. First maybe hes not dead after all. one if u look at the body bag when they bring him out of the appartment it looks to small. i know he was a skinny man, but if u look at the videos he did about the new batman movie plus the pictures that are taken on the set of his new movies the he was doing last week he looks a little bigger from what they brought out. Just go look at the pis then watch the video wehn they bring him out.

  9. I’m posting here because I don’t want to believe Ledger to be dead. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping for a long shot, that this is all one giant joke in sync with the Joker’s character, or an experiment on society. I really just want him to come back. He just doesn’t seem stupid enough to have anything like this happen to him.

  10. In all possibilities, Tupac might have just been needing help in his taking care of Elvis. Things have been so hard on him since the stroke, right?

  11. that is the most stupidest theory i have ever heard.

    A more likely theory is Olsen and Heath consumed copious amounts of drugs/sexual intercourse

    She leaves

    Heath O/D’s

    “Massause” shits herself and calls Olsen

    Olsen shits herself and gets her goons to go to the scene, Cleans the scene of any illegal drugs, Leaves the Valium, Sleeping tablets etc etc MISS the rolled up 20

    911 is called

    Her reputation is saved

    etc etc

  12. I beg to disagree, Paul. Olsen was on the other side of the country at the time of death, which would mean at bare minimum she would have left the apartment a solid 7 plus hours earlier.

    Plus the rolled up 20 has been tested and found to have no illegal substances…

  13. Hey,

    i don’t want to believe that he’s really dead as well.

    Some things that make you wonder are:

    1. he played the “Joker”
    2. the timing of his death
    3. “why so serious?” is the phrase for his marketing campaign
    4. “not all jokes are funny” is also part of the marketing campaign
    5. ” it’s all part of the plan”
    6. “let’s put a smile on that face”….as in when he shows up alive
    7. I don’t believe for 1 sec. that that was Heath’s body in that bodybag, whether he really did die or not
    8. No comment from the producers, etc. from The Dark Knight
    9. Michelle Williams looked distraught, but she is an actress…
    10. after his private funeral an insider reported that his family wasnt grieving at all

    Things which seem strange as well are among other things:

    – usually the final results of an autopsy are known within 2-3 days
    – what’s with the ladder which was located next to his appartment?
    – neither the housekeeper nor the masseuse knew how reanimate s.o?
    – the statements vary:

    some say he was found in his bed, others say he was found next to his bed on the ground

    some say he was already dead (rigor mortis) when they found him, others say his body was still warm

    – everything fits perfect to the marketing-campaign of TDK which was supposed to start soon:

    “Why so serious?” is the phrase for the marketing campaign
    “Not all jokes are funny” is also part of the marketing campaign
    ” It’s all part of the plan”
    “Let’s put a smile on that face”

    I know this is just wishful thinking but it would be so great wouldn’t it ?! =(

  14. Wow. You people are really reaching. Do you REALLY think the entire thing is made up? Do you think the OTHER movie he was working on was OK with this STUNT which cost them a tremndous amout of money to hire 3 more actors to finish his part? Do you REALLY think a PARENT would do something like this? If he wasn’t dead, and in “hiding” he would be making a HUGE effort to see his daughter. Do you think he’s hiding out in Brooklyn in Michelle Williams and his Brownstone? Do you REALLY think you wouldn’t have heard of SIGHTINGS by now? Do you think his PARENTS and SIBLINGS are just playing along? Was the whole funeral a big fake thing? Don’t you think he would be FINISHED for pulling something like this that hurt so many people?

    But there are a few questions:
    1: They DID cremate him…..no body, no grave, so no eveidence.
    2. His ashes are still not yet interred.
    3. His van went misssing and is still not returned…did he take it himself?
    4. All his money is gone….$45K and that was it????? I don’t think so. SO where is all his money?
    5. Michelle Williams goes RIGHT BACK TO WORK?
    6.He HATED being in the spotlight. Maybe he’s gone into hiding to work from BEHIND the scenes and this was his way of getting the paparazzi to leave him alone.
    7. Maybe Michelle Williams isn’t seeing his ghost but it’s HIM! LOL
    8. Why was Jake G. ABSENT from ALL the funerals. This was his BEST FRIEND?????? How come he has had NO STATEMENT on Heath’s death?



  16. peoples soulja

    I just now had this same thought that it was a conspiracy… it was an instinct feeling. He was so young. I had no idea who might have killed him, but acting is a very competitive industry. Not to mention he was in “broke back mountain”. It doesn’t seem to irrational to me for somebody in our country to kill him just based the fact that they didn’t agree with him being such a famous actor playing a gay role. He made that a popular movie… if it wasn’t for him it would have been just another indi film. If I was Tom Cruise(being as crazy as he his) or any other actor in the industry with money(power) I would be a lil jealous myself. And I don’t know about Scientology, but what are there views exactly on the gay issue???


  18. Its funny how no else thought of what my theory is. OK, when an artist dies, his work is worth more. Be it a painter, musician, actor, etc…. Isnt it possible that some Hollywood heavyweights could have contributed to his death in one way or anther to increase the profits of TDK by at least 50 percent if not a 100 percent. Lets face it people, a lot of folks are going to watch this movie just because its his final role. Me being one of them, his death made me want to see this movie more. They could have encouraged him to take the drugs to play a more convincing joker or even put something is his food or drink, anything is possible and we’ll never know, but i suspect foul play.

  19. Based on how good TDK , how good Ledger’s peformance in it is, the fact that it is already a hit franchise, along with fact that Ledger’s character appeared to be set up for a follow up movie, I doubt that the movie studio had anything to do with his death.

    I still suspect CoS – I’m kidding CoS, so don’t kill me and make it look like suicide or an accident. THX!

  20. It’s strange really. I just saw TDK and began thinking more and more about Ledger’s untimely death. I too asked myself if there was reason to believe that his death wasn’t as plain and simple as the media made it out to be. After my curiosity plateaued I decided to Google “Heath Ledger Conspiracy” and was brought here. Numerous “coincidences” surrounding his death should have raised the public’s seemingly stationary brow but for reasons unknown they did not. The Church of Scientology conspiracy never crossed my mind but it does sound quite plausible. The conspiracy theory i cooked up paralleled Mike Mase’s (above). Was he murdered to boost ticket sales for a movie that had a production cost which may have exceeded box office turn out predictions? With the economy the way it is fewer and fewer people leave home for the cinema. Maybe it was one of the Bush administration’s round-a-bout plans to stimulate the economy and improve the country’s well being. Or maybe it was Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath’s love interest from Broke Back Mountain, who couldn’t stand the thought of Ledger and his sister Maggie working together on the same set. Perhaps the two were romantically involved which sparked jealousy and rage in the former Bubble Boy’s normally cool demeanor. The point in all this seemingly endless babble is that people will most likely never fully understand what happened but will always try to fill in the missing pieces. Paul McCartney, JFK, Area 51. Come on, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy?

  21. synsbabygirl88

    ok i work at walmart and the theory that people have come up with there is that he did something to prep him for the role of the Joker (which he did amazingly well at)and that whatever it was that he did to prep himself literally drove him insane and that’s why he o/d’d or whatever although after reading everyone else’s (especially Lauren and Stan’s posts) I also don’t want to believe he is gone and they didn’t kill the Joker at the end of TDK maybe he is just in hiding…maybe he is with Michelle and his daughter but keeping himself under house arrest for awhile…I don’t know and only time will tell. He can’t stay hidden forever, if he is still alive he will be sighted, eventually.

  22. I’m going to throw everybody for a loop here. I was just looking online and read several posts about Jack Nicholson saying, “I warned him, I told him so.” maybe it’s just harmless. Maybe he had told Heath that playing the role of the Joker was a strain on body and mind. But, what if Jack Nicholson warned Heath NOT to take the role of the Joker. What if Jack wanted to be immortalized as the Joker? What if he threatened Heath and ‘warned’ him that if he did too good of a job that something bad might happen to him? What if Jack Nicholson killed Heath Ledger?

  23. I don’t mean to shoot you down but Jack Nicholson is really old. He isn’t exactly capable of taking out a young, in shape, Heath Ledger. I think it’s safe to say that Nicholson did not kill Ledger. Not in person that is…

  24. Don’t forget Margan Freeman and Shia Labeuf were just in bad car accidents (which were not accidents) They were not necessarily meant to survive, someone is trying to send a message to all the hollywood celebrities. Your going to see more and more of these “accidents and accidental deaths” Who could be next?

  25. I’m an ambassador in India working in the United States Embassy.

    Get lives people. Who cares? Think of it as evolution in action.

  26. Heath Ledger is still alive, I saw him stacking shelves in a spar in rural Wales. He’d had enough of Hollywood apparently.

  27. I believe that Terry Gilliam is responsible for Heath’s death, I’m kinda of a Medium and I contacted with Heath’s ghost, some strange things I heard, you don’t have to believe me but I’m telling you what I know.

  28. This is true. My sister works in the morgue that Heath was taken to and she told me about some pretty fucked up shit. My sis was THE biggest Heath fan. She managed to get a glimpse of him (she’s just a receptionist) and the body brought in was BLACK. And FEMALE. Now, call me stupid, but I’ve seen Brokeback Mountain and he was definitely WHITE. And MALE. Believe what you want folks. Don’t you think someone so talented with a child would want to stay alive? Think about it…Go on, think.

  29. There is a conspiracy and I will not stop till I find out. Whether it was scientology or Illuminati – Heath was murdered. I predicicted this would happen when Heath and another actor were poised to make an announcement in 2 weeks that would affect the world. While I was waiting, Heath died after a couple days. The media then went on to say that the announcement was about the Batman movie. Why would the movie affect or change our impression of the world?

  30. He was in a spiraling depression ever since him and Michelle broke up, not getting hardly any sleep and with his constant work on TDK and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus he was overly exhausted and miserable. I think his death was an accident and there have been a lot of ‘hmmm’s in play with this death. The body in the bag when they took it out of his SoHo apartment looked almost too skinny to be him, I dunno.

    Another thing, if he was faking his death um I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and it’s a felony.

    I believe in Heath’s spirit and his movies will forever remain a huge inspiration in my life.

  31. yabdabadoo-


  32. very interesting and good…I appreciate your willingness to see through the Bull Sh!t and just see the media hollywood the church of scientology and actors themselves for what they are…you hit the nail on the head. Thankyou… you may be one of the very few willing to see things for what they are but that doesnt make you wrong…it makes you ahead of the curve??? Ha Ha HA AH HAA haah Haaaaaggg….look up heaths last movie…this is why he was ended…

  33. Hi

    I agree with Robert. I think his last film will give us some pretty good indications of what happened.
    Funny and curious thing -they cannot seem to find AMERICAN distributors for his last film~!

    I wonder why? It’s moving along quite fine in other countries. Also they cannot find distributors in Canada or South America!

    Hmmm Two continents adjoined to America! God forbid we would hop in a car and cross the Candian border to see a film and see the uncut version! Our poor American eyes and ears could not handle this film!-Ha!

    Or…. are they worried we might see something which pricks our ears up? There are a lot of “Symbols” which reference a “Certain Society” in that freaking film.

    One other thing – Anyone notice there was a policeman carrying a ladder up to his apartment?? Gee was it used to change another lightbulb in his bathroom???

    I am not buying any of it anymore –
    I want the truth -nothing but the truth.I also want to know if there is a back entrance to the building he was living in.

    Yes I am a die hard…..lol.

  34. Its me... HEATH!!!

    First comment – January 24th, 2008 on 4:19 pm
    last comment – June 3rd, 2009 on 6:44
    you guys love me

  35. It’s just too weird. He plays an awesome character and then BAM. He’s gone.

  36. are you guys sure that he was a recruit?
    it’s so unlikely, he seems to be an opposit of a scientologist
    another thing is drugs. well he seems to be just the type of the drug user, cos he was inclined to be obsessed with smth (maybe i am wrong)
    but in the case that he just decided to disapear, we as his funs, lets not pull him into any court because of “felony”, even in our minds

  37. It’s the same with Michael Jackson, except the government did it. They did it so people would not think about Cap and Trade.

  38. I tend to be a conspiracy theorist but this is just ridiculous! Don’t you have anything better to do then sit around making up this bullsh*t?! So sad…

  39. He’s still here. In hiding. Maybe acting in a small local theater that not many people go to.

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