Ingrown Chest Hair

This is quite possibly the grossest post that I’ve ever written (aside from the crapping myself ones) but I find it fascinating and need to tell the tale.

See, I’ve had this ingrown chest hair for years.  It’s on my left male bosom (yes male bosom), and every now and then I’ll press around the sides of it to pinch out as much creamy rich puss from it as I can – like I said, it’s gross.

This puss can really stink to high heaven, so I’ve learned that it’s best to do this in the shower, since I can easily wash it all off and down the drain it goes – smell and all.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon I was taking a shower, and saw my ingrown chest hair bump and decided to give it a whirl.  I casually squeezed, and happily watched as the puss came out all stringy.  I did this for about ten seconds and realized that I pinched something black out of it. 

“Could it be hair?” I thought, and carefully pulled on the black thing.

Sure enough it was hair!  Three long strings of greasy hair!!!

It was so cool, and the hair came completely out of my chest.  It was old, dead chest hair that had been swimming around in puss for god know how long, and when it was pulled fully out, it brought with it more hair.  So I pulled it some more until it too came out. 

When it was all said and done, I had no more ingrown chest hair bump, and no hair in it’s place, so we’ll see if it’s still an ingrown hair…I didn’t even need the aid of wikihow.

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  1. hey… you typed down my exact story…

    Exact same thing.

    I actually pulled it out and it was broken…but now its been over 3 weeks and i still have puss(sebum as I read in many places) comming out, even after 3 weeks of dead hair being out. Now the puss is so hard that it is almost like a (semisolid booger).

    How is it now at your end? How long has it been?

  2. I’ve never had puss or sebum as they call it come out on its own. I can still see a black dot of another hair in there, but am not in the mood to play around with it. I’ve had the hair for years, but this story took place a day or two before this post.

  3. same thing happened to me! So gross I had like six black hairs and they wree covered in blood and puss. I was messing with it for months and popped it many times in the shower. Then one night when I actually thought it was all better I was messing around with it and…BAM! Out comes the nastiness. Such a relief when I came across your post. I thought I was a freak!

  4. same thing happend to me,but after a while of sit popping i have some scaring left, any advise hoe to get rid off it?

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