Open Toe Sneaker Lady

I somehow forgot to mention this, but two weekends ago I was sitting on a Coney Island bound Q train and happened to be sitting across from a lady in her 50s or 60s who was wearing homemade open toed sneakers.

I couldn’t bring myself to be a giant jerk and photograph her open toed sneakers so I tried to recreate it for you, and failed…


From the cut line to the marked up edge was all open and showing her starched white cotton socks.


I don’t know what that lady used to create her works of homemade open toed sneakers – let alone why she was wearing OPEN TOED SNEAKERS – but whatever she used must have been magical, because I was barely able to cut up that small line to the toe area.

Be on the lookout for her, she was one of a kind.

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  1. I had a friend that had sneaker-flops. They were ancient sneakers that had become so worn that the entire front of the shoe flapped open when he ran. It probably looked similar to our little old lady…but flappier!

  2. Maybe she had terrible toenail fungus and wanted the comfortable sole of a sneaker, combined with the low toenail pressure of an open toe.

  3. I am looking for open-toed sneakers to wear on the treadmill at the gym. ALL sneakers impact my poor little diabetic toes. There could be a fortune in this for someone. Right now I cut out the upper covering of my old sneakers over my toes,(about 3/4″ of the top of my sneaker is gone) so the toes don’t get impacted as I do my daily exercise. Necessity is the Mother of …well you know. CarolM\(^o^)/

  4. I have overly pronated feet and haveto wear orthotics and sneakers since there are very few cute low shoes for my feet. I am with the older lady, for I too am looking for an open toed sneaker. It is hot in Atlanta, GA; I need to be able to wear my orthotic, and have a stringup for ankle support, but would like to have some air hitting my toes. Let me knowif you find anything. I am also looking for low heeled sandals and dress shoes that give arch support; my foot has collapsed being soooo flat…Breez

  5. haha yea sneakers are pretty tough to cut through.

  6. I want open-toed sneakers too! I’ve been looking for some for years now. Problems with my ankle, so need to wear sneakers yet my right foot is longer than my left and my toes get squished causing other problems with my pinkie toe and the one next to it.

  7. I have hammer toes on both feet but need support for my feet and ankles. My husband cut the fronts off my sneakers with a box cutter and I wear them constantly. I get stares but don’t care because they are comfortable. I’ve been thinking of styling them and selling.

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