$50 Million Subway Paint Job

Back in February the MTA finally put an end to their inner bickering and decided to paint six subway stations as part of a $50,000,000 paint job.

Now I don’t know if that $50 million is for only the six stations listed or for more than the initial six, but the $50 million was just to start the project, so I assume that $50 million is what it takes to paint only six subway stations.

Given this crazy amount of money for some ladders, brushes, scrapers for the old paint, and fresh coats of new paint I figured I’d like to see what $50,000,000 gets you when it comes to paint – so I visited the 77th Street station of the R line in Brooklyn.


As you can see, the outside is currently RED!  I think that the red is actually one of the primer coats, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing all of the stations painted this red.  I think that it’s a quite nice color.


And so we enter…and see this ceiling…BLEH!


I’m sure the $50 million crew still needs to reach up and splatter some paint up there, but thankfully the security gate protecting the men’s room has been cleaned up and primed – because priorities must be painted first, and the men need to Take Care of Business in a place with good ambiance!


This yellow vertical beam below is the old paint, and the red beams are the freshly primed beams – unless the red is the actual new color for the station?


I assume that this white is all primer since it looks as though it can use another coat or two…


And here’s the shot that everyone has been anxiously waiting to see…


The Perey Turnstile!

I really like the white stationary piece of the Perey, it looks really, really good against the red bars.

And what does every little $50,000,000 painter need?


Why a paint closet of course!!!

So yeah!  All this is what a $50,000,000 paint job gets you, and me, the taxpayer!

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  1. Yipes! I have a lot of stations to photograph before they paint them :)

    Oh, and now I know those are Perey Turnstyles. I just called them meatgrinders.

  2. Thank you for the heads up on Gothamist, //.

  3. Atom, you have an awesome photo site linked up there.

  4. Ha ha ha, Surprise! I feel like i need to start wearing a diaphragm… we’re getting screwed so often now a days.

  5. Took the MTA 6 years and who knows how much money to install an elevator in the West 4th station. Overlooking for a moment the fact that it is usually out-of-service (love it, a year old, and already broken…how long have Macy’s escalators been in operation?), I just wonder how the Chipotle grill a few blocks away had their elevator up-and-running in about 3 months.

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