World’s Smallest Ears

I’m going to boldly lay claim to it…I have the smallest adult ears in the world!


At two and one quarter inches nobody who isn’t a dwarf can come close to me!

Guinness Book, here I come!

November 18, 2009 Update!!! If you have smaller ears and want to show them off, feel free to send a photo of them with a form of measurement against them and we’ll gladly put your smaller ears up here.  Ear pics can be sent to beehivehairdresser <at>

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  1. Ha just messured my ears I’m 26 and there just under two and one quarter inches :)

  2. I think this make us “ear cousins”

  3. ehh mine are the same hah

  4. im 22 and my ears are only an inch and half.

  5. mine as well about 2 inches

  6. I have smaller ears than you!

  7. Hi im 15 and my ears are just under 2 and 1/4 . im almost 16. Lol.

  8. DUDE!!!!! my ears are WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY smaller!!! yours arnt even small. mine a 1 and a half inches, SON!!!!! and i aint no dawf

  9. Photos! Send me ear photos!

  10. (w/ tape measure of course)

  11. Is it humanly possible to have ears 1 1/2 inches long?!?!?! How can you hear???
    I have a hard time hearing at 2 1/8 inches, but maybe that’s cause I’m always spacing out :P

  12. Im Ben, and i think that my ears havn’t grown since i was born. My ears are about 1 3/4 inches. Although im only 15 soon 16 my ears are not only small length wise, but width wise as well. Width wise im only 3/4 of a Inch! I always thought i was the only one with small ears. i guess not. all my family members have big ears but something happened to me. they must have been squished on the way out.

  13. Iam 18 and my ear size is 1in 3/4 and the width is 3/4. Iam an average adult 2.

  14. I am almost 30 and my ears are 1 3/4in, everyone has alwasy told me they were tiny, but I never measured until now. I wonder if they make my head look big, LOL

  15. im 25 my ears are 1 inch 1/3

  16. I’ve got tiny ears too. How do I get them to grow bigger?!?

  17. Nature will get them to grow bigger, but why would you want bigger ears?

  18. Um, because they’re too small for my head! I’m already in my 20’s, they won’t be getting much bigger naturally!

  19. Not sure if it helps, but I’ve always been told that smaller ears are far more attractive than larger ears.

    How tiny are your ears?

  20. I am so happy to see so many small ear people. Mine have not grown since I was born, either. I have been seeking surgical alternatives, but now I may reconsider. I feel so much better know that it is so many of us out there. lol.

  21. Sorry dude mine are 2 1/8 th!! I got baby ears! i also got really tiny hands! And im 5″1

  22. I also have tiny ears, my mom teases me relentlessly, it’s cause she’s jealous. I’m 22 and proud to have small ears!

  23. my ears are the size of half a crayon im 18 and everyone i meet says i have small ears

  24. which is 1.45 inches and 1 inch wide

  25. Yours are nothing compared to mine.
    im 16 and my ears and 2inches.
    and diffrent !
    ones 1and a half and the other is a whole 2,

  26. In only 12 and my ears are 2.5 inch I get my ears from my dad

  27. plesse that aint nun im 13 and my ears are 2 inches and my mom her ears are like almost my size and she 48 then my grandma just turn 70 and her ears are small as mines!

  28. my ears are 1 inch and 9 millimetres (: and i’m 17

  29. I wouldnt mind 2 and a quarter ears, mine are just a little over 1 and a half, and im 22.

  30. both my ears are different sizes due to having a ‘crumpled’ ear as a birth defect. My left ear is the same as yours at two and one quarter inches and the right ear is one and three quarter inches.

  31. well, im Shelley Munoz from CA. and my ears are 2inch and im 16

  32. I have always been self conscious about my ears since they are one and three fourths of an inch long. I have yet to find a full grown adult with smaller ears.

  33. Haha! My ears are just under two and a half inches.

  34. *one, not two. They’re 1.5 in

  35. My ears are 4cm/1.5 inches.

    At age 27 it’s nice to know I’m not the only one going through life feeling a little self conscious about their ears.

    I actually went online searching for hair styles to compliment my small ears but you guys have given me the courage to go bald again :)

  36. My ears are like 1 1/4 “

  37. My wife’s ears are 1 and 25 inch she’s 47 she will hold the record

  38. I really thought I was the only human being with tiny ears. Who knows, i probably hold the record.In my country, I don t see anyone with ears like mine.

  39. My ears are different shapes. One is two inches and the other is just under two inches. My right ear sticks out and I can pop out the top so it turns inside out.. I think it’s a birth defect

  40. Small ears r ugly big ears r uglyier

  41. Iam a normal size womam 5’4 35 yrs my ears are not even 2inches

  42. My ears are average not big or small i liv em god iz gud

  43. Am jason and i will be 21 this year. my ears are 1 inch small…. Its amazing people talk abt small ears allot…

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