WTF Happened To Cookie Crisp?

I know that I’m currently behind in the times of cereal geared towards kids since I got on the bland healthy cereal kick a couple of years ago.  So when I recently pouring a bowl of Cookie Crisp I was shocked to see this…


Who is that and what happened to Cookie Crook and Officer Crumb, or even for that matter Chip the Dog?

Their lacking on the Cookie Crisp box is quite disheartening and I actually had to look them up to see what happened to them.

CC and OC – GONE!  And Chip the Dog has been “rebranded” into Chip the Wolf!

You can’t just take them away or dare for that matter change the species of the character!

We didn’t see Urkel get played by a white guy, Balki didn’t get rebranded into an Asian, and we certainly did not see Mrs. Butterworth become Mr. Butterworth.

So to the advertising world I must say this…get on the ball, and bring the Cookie Crook and Officer Crumb back ASAP!

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  1. They have been doing this with alot of great characters and it sucks! I do have to say that Crook and Crumb were a lot better than the crazy wolf though.

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