I Hate NYC #43 MTA Bus Service

Riding a public bus through the streets of NYC is just about the most depressing and annoying things to do.

NYC buses are so bad that I wouldn’t be surprised that in some countries people are sentenced to fly to America just so that they can ride the B63 bus along 5th Avenue in Brooklyn for two trips along the entire route.

Even the fastest routes are a painful crawl during the waking hours of the day.

If you’re lucky you live off of a route that doesn’t get a lot of traffic at certain times of the day and can exploit that lack of traffic to make up time, but the problem with that is that a lot of bus drivers never take the bus out of first gear which leaves you sitting in a vehicle that is going slightly faster than what an average human being can walk – which is painfully slow in terms of engine power.

Besides the lack of gas pedal speed, buses are highly populated with riders of the elderly persuasion who make simple stops of picking up and dropping off passengers as tedious as brain surgery.  Only this type of brain surgery is done by a four year old and every time the door opens you can only sit and wait for the accident to happen.

Due to all of this, under normal circumstances use of the MTA bus routes in NYC is at the discretion of the people who hate themselves enough to use them.

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  1. this is so true its not even funny.

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