Papa Loves Baby (Redux)

Since it has become apparent that Papa Loves Baby has lots of fans, I thought that I’d share some more tags from Papa Loves Baby…

Both tags were found on University Place.

If PLB keeps it up he just might become a regular old Neck Face.

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  1. Come on. These are everywhere in the Soho/Noho area. So much so, that I am totally sick of seeing this tag. Obnoxious is the best word.

    Not only that, but S/he also seems to have a bad habit of tagging property that I would consider off limits.

    I hope the graffiti blaster team sandblasts everything.

  2. PLB is god ” off limits” hahaha the person that wrote that is mega puss plb prolly bombed their crib haha

  3. PLB is taking over. PLb be bombin everthing. PLB is king of the city the rest of you can keep crying

  4. wow this tag is everywhere i’m seeing it all over new york, cats like this keep graffiti alive thats wassup

  5. Dude is prolific. I see the tags everywhere. I even cut a phone convo with my girl short, so I could snap a pic of a tag with my iPhone. My new tag is gonna be “Papa hates Daughter”

  6. hahah “papa hates daughter” that he funniest thing i heard in a minute. why you hate your lil girl? and i agree PLB is prolific best writer out now

  7. PBL would tight if it didn’t sound so stupid.

  8. PLB would be tight if it didn’t sound so stupid!

  9. yo bob were talking about plb not your mom stay on subject.

    oh my god this cat is EVERYWHERE. I think so many people are upset cause they cant get up like this dude did in one week. Now a bunch of herbs like little robert, white trash chazz writes chas, zoot and a bunch of other loosers are all attaching there names to the plb just so they can get some fame off his name i think its all sad. PLB is running this damn city.

  10. i have been in the city many times and seen this constant “papa loves baby” and it is awsome! what does it mean?

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