East Village Art Would Scare Tourists

The other day we came across this contraption sitting in an East Village park.  It appeared to be merely a keg sitting on a board with wheels and had numerous melted candles on top of it.  Nobody was around it.

Did it look odd?  Yes.

Did it look dangerous?  No.

Did it look suspicious?  No.

Did it look like some piece of art?  Yes.

Yet we couldn’t help but find ourselves thinking that if this was left in Midtown numerous surrounding blocks would have to have been shut down so that the bomb squad could examine it.  The East Village though, everyone just walked past it without much thought and we presume that it eventually ended up in the garbage.

The old, “If you see something, say something” did occur here.

“Hey, look at that stupid thing that someone left on the sidewalk.” was said.

Thankfully no tourist was around to have traffic blocked off.

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