Bay Ridge Crack Houses Getting Prepped For Demo

Yesterday, construction crews officially began the demolition of the neighboring Bay Ridge crack houses.

Both properties were sold at auction last year and the new owner is tearing them down.

In an odd twist of fate, the new owner listed on the DOB permits is Anthony Terrone. It’s a surname that should sound familiar to local residents in that it is the same surname as the previous owners, who were the three Terrone brothers who lost ownership of the properties when their unlawful ways caught up with them.

While we are going to miss the appeal of the two old wooden houses that bridged back to generations prior, we are happy to see them go thanks to the drug distribution and crazies that were associated with them — every now and then we still see someone whacked out of their mind and banging outside trying to get in for a score, despite that fact that police shut down the drug operation years ago.

Having said all of this, we are still left scratching our heads at three major items regarding this whole sordid mess:

  1. The three Terrone brothers appear to have already been released from jail, despite facing 25 years to life with RICO charges.  Not only has one of them been spotted in the neighborhood by numerous people recently, but a search of the State’s Inmate Look Up System shows that none of them exist in the State’s system with the 2008 charges — despite all three of them being listed for the 2008 offenses as recently as April 2010.  Two of the three bothers no longer show up in the system at all and only one of them is still listed in the system, except the records only show his time served during the 1980s.
  2. Last summer the State’s online database showed that all three Terrone brothers were locked up, yet we will swear up and down that we saw one of the brothers last summer double parked across from these properties.  Having known of them for years, we recognized the voice, turned and saw him sitting in a car as he spoke to two women who were standing outside of the vehicle.  The older woman was laughing at him and even made a joke at his expense in regards to how fat he looked in his mug shot that was all over the news.
  3. The drug distribution went on at these properties for well over a decade without police breaking them up.  We knew of it being a place to score since the mid 1990s.  The neighbors didn’t make a stink about the drug issue until the mid 2000s and even then it took years (upwards of three) for the NYPD to make the arrests.

And now, everyone is left with nothing but what might be argued to be a miscarriage of justice, a blurb on Gothamist, a piece in the New York Times and the whole thing just not feeling kosher.

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  1. The whole lot of them are out of jail. I was sitting in my car in the Walgreens parking lot yesterday afternoon (7/11/11) on 3rd & 95th street and knew their faces right off the bat. One was finishing off a joint while sitting on one of the benches and joesph was making some sort of drug meet up with someone (I didn’t need a transcript to tell what was going on) on his cell phone then him & some other mook whent up third while michael and ross stayed behind. Keep on em….their bad news. [redacted] 99th street has a dealer living in the upper apt of the two family house & were all incensed about this guy on our block. With the 6 to 8 cryp gang type folk that come to see this guy (30 to 40 spanish. walks with a cane)and the various transactions and couriers weve witnesed there is no doubt! This has to be addressed. Have called the cops to no avail. They never come. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. From what we’ve heard about the 93rd Street take down… Several residents from that block went down to the 68th Precinct’s Council meeting to file a complaint about the drug activity.

    If you choose to go this route, bring as much info as you can about the activity. I.E. the location of the activity, times of day that it is most active, descriptions of the persons involved, etc.

    You might want to try the forums. It was people from that site that got police to finally bring down the 93rd Street drug house.

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