Mother Nature Reclaiming Abandoned Gas Station

We have some semi-good news to report.  The abandoned Shell gas station on 4th Avenue & 90th Street — one of the many abandoned gas stations that dot Brooklyn — is showing signs of life.

A butterfly bush has sprouted in the cracks and is blooming.

So it’s good news if you’re a fan of knowing that invasive plant species can and will take over should humanity depart Brooklyn overnight.  It’s also a hand sliding from the upper neck to the chin of mother nature at those who try and fail to start seedlings for their garden.

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  1. I ‘m looking to find a property for leases or rent to own formerly gas stations in the Southern Oregon area. Or vacant lots with fencing and power and sewer specifically in the Grants Pass area. Our business is landscape supply and gardening/ greenhouse retail.

  2. Good luck with that, Tobias.

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