A Pennsylvania Car Dealership Grows In Brooklyn

We’ve long since known that car dealers from Pennsylvania drive vehicles across New Jersey and park their inventory on the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn — essentially making Bay Ridge streets an extremely shady used car lot.

This is how we’ve seen them work:

  1. The dealers drive in from P.A. as a team of two, with two vehicles.
  2. One vehicle is parked on the street.
  3. The dealer plate is then removed.
  4. The vehicle is then marked up with a bunch of signs stating that it is for sale.
  5. The dealers then leave the area in the second car, knowing full well that a vehicle that has no license plate, or registration sticker on it cannot receive a summons (or be towed) in NYC for being illegally parked curbside on the street.
  6. Vehicle is then left in Brooklyn.
  7. Sometimes the vehicle is then driven to a more prominent location without having any license plate attached to it.
  8. Vehicle is eventually sold in Brooklyn.

We’ve seen the above happen numerous times over the past year and half in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn — a land where free on street parking is quite hard and time consuming to come by.

Now, we’re not saying that the above scenario is what is occurring with the vehicle pictured, but it sure would not surprise us to learn that it was indeed part of it — to us it looks as though the driver had to hit the head or grab a bite to eat before finishing up his job.

Councilman Gentile & State Senator Golden, we know that you are both very busy men who have many a photo opportunity to run around and be at while giving off the appearance that you both actually care about and do a lot stuff for the community, but perhaps you men could take a moment out of your busy photo-op schedules to figure out how to close the loop-hole that makes this practice used by unscrupulous Pennsylvania car dealers something that can no longer be easily gotten away with.

After all, your constituents deserve to have the parking spots available for them and their guests instead of being taken up by some shady used car dealer(s) from Pennsylvania.

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