Empire State Head Trip

There are several things in life that we will simply never understand.  One of which is the fact that people travel to NYC from all over the world to see the sights, particularly the Empire State Building, and then aren’t blown away by it.

They will usually look east from 42nd Street in Times Square and say, “Hey look, there’s the Empire State Building (in reference to the Chrysler Building)” and their friend will say “Yeup, there it is.”  Then they will talk about how the man dressed in silver and covered in silver paint who does whistle noises as he moves is the coolest thing that they’ve ever seen — we’re pointing Midwestern/Bible Belt folks out most with this one.

Anyway, the point being is that people from all over the world know what the Empire State Building is, and the fact that you can go to the top of it to see one heck of an amazing view is a widely known worldwide fact.  So why then, would the Empire State Building feel the need to place this billboard along the New Jersey Turnpike…

Especially when one considers that the visual that one has before the billboard is this…

And this is the visual that one has after the billboard is this.

Do the people at the Empire State Building not realize that they already, by default, are advertising to the folks who drive along that very spot?  Or, are the people at the Empire State Building simply saying, “Hey all you tools in New Jersey, you’re too stupid to know that you can visit the top of this building, so please stop by and take a trip to the top, eh?

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