Dead Squirrel On A Kia

The title of this post pretty much sums it up, and though we’ve already spoken about how rare seeing a dead squirrel in New York City is, we need to revisit the topic in light of the sight that we saw this past Friday when we walked up a tree-lined block in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and saw this odd sight from afar.  As we grew closer, we couldn’t believe our eyes…

This dead squirrel appeared to have fallen out from a big 80 foot tall london plane tree.  Here’s the view from another angle…

Though we’re not sure if the squirrel died of natural causes and was blown out of the tree onto this Kia, or if the squirrel slipped, fell, and then died on impact upon the Kia, all we know for sure is that there is someone driving around in a Kia who probably has some creepy weird mojo right about now after coming back to their car and finding a dead squirrel on it.   

It’s certainly not everyday that one comes upon a sight like this!

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  1. That poor squirrel died on my very own Kia. The kids got a kick out of it. We’ll never again get a chance to be so close to a squirrel, anyway. :)

  2. Julie, We love that you found this post, and that your kids go a kick out of it. We aren’t sure how we’d have handled he situation had it been our car.

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