Bay Ridge Spite Wall Coming Down?

Back on April 5th, we wrote about how after years upon years of illegal activity, the Bay Ridge Spite Wall was getting seriously dangerous.  Later that week, on April 9th, we received word (and photos) that a dumpster had arrived, and that a small construction crew had begun to take down the wall — despite a longstanding stop work order

Seeing as how Mr. Cunningham, the owner of the illegal wall, was long ago ordered to tear down that wall, we’re not sure what the proper legal process is to remove it.  Are new permits required?  Or is the removal supposed to be done while the full stop work order is in effect?  In any event, whatever the proper channel is, this is what the scene looked like on the 9th.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, we passed by the wall and found that a hefty portion of it has indeed been removed.

We counted seven full layers of cinderblock removed from the right side, with portions of more layers in the front, as well as a good chunk of the entire left wall gone.  A blue tarp hides much of the activity of the site, with five evergreens now planted along the sidewalk.  The evergreens currently mask a fairly steep and unsafe slope that drops into the construction pit — the construction fence has been moved back about ten feet down into the construction pit and as such is clearly far away from the sidewalk.

Is this the half-assed sign of the Cunningham’s coming to the reality that building the structure partially on and attaching it to his neighbors property was a poor choice?  Or is it all part of some bigger mind game that he has up his sleeves? 

Only time will tell.

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