Bay Ridge Spite Wall Immediately Hazardous And Fined $12,000.00

Yesterday we checked up on the illegal Bay Ridge Spite Wall and found that much more of it has come down.  Though a blue tarp is obstructing the view from the street, it looked as though the steel beams that were meant to support a second floor, as well as much of the rear portions of the wall have been removed.  

We counted another six layers of cinderblock having been removed from the right side. 

As if the spite wall coming down isn’t good enough, we spotted via the NYC Department of Building’s website that the owner of the spite wall (Robert Cunningham) has received a $12,000.00 fine for failing to provide an engineer’s report from a licensed engineer.  Sweet justice!!!

Lastly, the DOB has finally labeled the spite wall a “Class 1 – Immediately Hazardous”, which we suspect is the reason that the spite wall is finally, after years of legal wrangling, coming down.    Our only hope is that the Cunningham’s got struck by lightning and said lightning gave them some reasonable sense once again to the point that when the wall is fully removed, they will also fill in the foundation pit and once again plant a nice lawn and garden.

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