4th Avenue 9th Street Construction

There are some things in life that we take for granted because they have for as long as we can remember been there.  Like the graffiti covered building that sat on top of the tracks of 4th Avenue at 9th Street along the F/G subway lines. 

But then the building was suddenly circumcised. 

And now the top of the building is being rebuilt with what originally appeared to us as being a much lighter shade of brick.  Then we took a look at the first photo in this post and saw that the original color of the brick was probably much lighter than that decades worth of old dirt and diesel exhaust color that it’s had for as long as we could remember.

And then we got slightly nostalgic for that decades old dirt and diesel exhaust look that is no longer on the building, because we get nostalgic quite easily.  So here’s to you, top of the building that was covered in diesel exhaust.  Cheers!

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