Bay Ridge Crack Houses Go Corcoran

The beautiful new townhouses that were built upon the site of the former Bay Ridge Crack House have officially jumped the shark and gone up for sale at Corcoran. 

The three townhouses have been rebranded as lofts, particularly the Lofts of Bay Ridge, and are listed at $799,000 starting.  If they don’t sell out by Thanksgiving, we imagine that Corcoran will official rebrand all of Bay Ridge and Fort Hamilton as Southern Park Slope South.

Total sidenote here, someone should inform Corcoran and the developer that the now defunct Bay Ridge  restaurant The Loft is where a man was found shot to death in a bathroom.  So the whole Loft/Bay Ridge thing might not be the best choice of words, aside from the fact that the buildings are semi-attached row houses. 

Oh, and to any potential buyers, the brothers who used to deal drugs out of that house, and their clientele of misfit junkies, still roam around on that block.  We’ve seen them personally, and don’t have the time or desire to constantly post photos of each time a car has broken windows on that block – good thing those “Lofts” come with a garage!

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