2 People, 1 Urban Jungle

This is our favorite part of the High Line.

When walking north from the West 18th Street staircase, this overgrown part of the path becomes an urban jungle, and the curve up ahead allows one to believe that anything is possible just around the bend.  Of course nothing of note is actually around the bend, and by nothing, we mean that only one of the best darned spots to sit and people watch in NYC is around the bend.  (The front steps to the Museum of Natural History and the McDonald’s on Broadway at 51st round out our top three.)  Seriously,  sitting on the wooden stoop by the grassy knoll along the High Line is akin to watching all of the animals of a zoo parade past you on their way to look at a new panda that just flew in from China.

It’s just marvelous!

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  1. I was just there for side blog photography. What a pleasant place overall. Just need to find time to load in the couple of hundred images.

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