Dong In The Bowery

While the giant mural along Houston at the Bowery is well, usually bleh to us, we tend to enjoy the random pieces of graffiti next to it.  About a month ago, there was this wonderful portrait of a dog licking a man on it.

Then, a week or so later, the man with his dog was covered up, and we found a giant ween on the wall.  We really enjoyed the sight of this DO?G — as we do almost all drawings of weens, because we’re still 12 years old at heart.

Then, just after we shot this, we looked to our right, and spotted a very pale, albino-like blonde, famous stand-up comic/seasoned sitcom star.  We noticed him then go into a building around the corner and assumed that he had just gone into his apartment (he was sweaty and looked to be coming from the gym).

We couldn’t help but hope that he would one day have to give someone directions that go something like this, “Yeah, I live on the Bowery.  Just keep walking east along Houston, and when you see a giant penis, hang a left.”

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  1. I too love a Dong….

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