Freedom Tower January 2012

While we were out and about snapping some pics for the new year, we meandered through the World Trade Center for some photos of the still under construction Freedom Tower/1 WTC.

We were there during a bank holiday, which caused many of the regular citizens who would be in the surrounding streets due to work obligations to be home for the holiday.  We mention this because due to the lack of normal foot traffic flow, we could feel the security around us, and quite frankly, it’s creepy being watched as if you’re up to no good while simply going on a stroll in one’s hometown on a beautiful, sunny and warm winter’s day.  (Goldman Sachs foot patrol guards in particular, we’re talking about you, creeps!)

01/06/2012 UPDATE: Bonus Freedom Tower pic standing with the old AT&T building can be seen by clicking here.

05/01/2012 UPDATE: If you’d like to see what the Freedom Tower/1WTC looked like in previous months, click here for February 2012, here for March 2012, here for April 2012, here for May 2012, here for June 2012, here for July 2012, here for August 2012, here for September 2012, here for October 2012, here for November 2012 and click here for an assortment of pics over the past two or so years.

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  1. Great shots…lots of progress since I drove by last April.

  2. Great images Beehive, thanks for sharing your adventures. I’ve snared a few of late myself and really love how awesome the structure is. You are right though, the feeling of being observed is almost palpable. I guess that is a good thing but perhaps they need better training to discern those who are inspired by the sight in front of them and are hence shooting an image as opposed to someone who looks as if they are making a schematic. Happy New Year from the PiercingMetal Command HQ.

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