World’s Worst Soda Idea

Back when we were in high school, there was a chocolate soda in the vending machine inside of our school’s cafeteria.  We ended up forgetting about said chocolate soda for several years, and then when we remembered its existence, we couldn’t get it out of our mind.  Though we couldn’t remember the name (we think that it was called “Chocolately Moo-Cow Soda” or something of the likes), we recall it being utterly delicious, and have never been able to find it, or anything similar to it.

Then, we came across this diet chocolate fudge soda from Waist Watcher in our local supermarket…

We didn’t dare buy it.  It not only doesn’t seem to be anything like the chocolate soda from our high school (the cans had a flying cow on them), but it also appears to be something tailored to some type of midwestern glutton who wears acid washed jeans, has a mullet, and is thinking about dieting, but just can’t seem to quit soda or chocolate yet.

Having said that, every pot has a lid, so we’ll have to assume that the midwestern person we described above, has moved to Brooklyn, and is now our neighbor — we cannot wait to meet them!!

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