D-bags Blooming Along The High Line

Spring is in the air here in NYC, and we caught a glimpse of an invasive species already in bloom along the High Line — DBAGIS GIGANTIS .

Here’s a closer view of the two specimen.

DBAGIS GIGANTIS is thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Europe, and migrated to North America several hundred years ago via trade winds and bird droppings.  DBAGIS GIGANTIS will bump into people in NYC without apology, be loud and crude, and step over anything meant to protect plants in order to step on said plants that need protection from DBAGIS GIGANTIS

DBAGIS GIGANTIS does all of the above because they think “Hey, this is New York!”  Little does DBAGIS GIGANTIS know, most Native New Yorkers are polite, and respectful of other living things.  Here’s to you, DBAGIS GIGANTIS !!!

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