Is Foodtown Of Bay Ridge Stuffing The Chicken?

Several years ago, due to an awesome price cut that made the price of Bell & Evans be better than the store brand chicken, we tried Bell & Evans Fresh Young Chicken/Raised Without Antibiotics breasts.

To our surprise, the chicken from Bell & Evans tasted phenomenal.  The taste was FAR BETTER than the store brand and that of Perdue.  Because of this, we have happily spent a little more money each week to have the better tasting chicken on our dinner plate ever since — for us, it was a bonus to be eating chicken that was raised without antibiotics.

We’ve always bought our Bell & Evans from our local supermarket, Foodtown of Bay Ridge — located in Brooklyn, New York.

We bring these dorky factoids of our dinner plates up because we are 99.9999% certain that the chicken packaged for sale in the above photo, from Foodtown of Bay Ridge, isn’t actually Bell & Evans Fresh Young Chicken/Raised Without Antibiotics breasts.  If fact, for the past several weeks, the chicken that has been offered for sale in these Bell & Evans packages have changed dramatically.  It wasn’t the first time that such a change has happened, but it has been steadily happening for several weeks now, and it’s irking us.

It used to be a once in a blue moon/every now and then thing, the chicken in the B&E packages would be bigger and pinker than the normal B&E breasts.  When cooked, they would taste terrible, and suspiciously like that of the Foodtown/store brand chicken.  We figured that one of the “butchers” in the back took the chicken from the wrong tray and accidentally labeled them as being chicken from B&E.  (Butchers is in quotes, because our grandfather was an actual butcher, and the people at Foodtown pale in comparison to real butchers.)

Usually, the B&E packages with the above pictured label have two young chicken breasts in them, the breasts are small in size, with a net weight between .55 and .95 pounds, and the chicken is MUCH lighter in color and MUCH less pink than the chicken seen in the above photo.

The B&E package in the above photo has two large chicken breasts in it, weighs 1.25 pounds (MUCH larger and WAY heavier than the average B&E breasts), and are much pinker than the average B&E breasts.  In fact, the chicken in the above B&E package looks exactly like the Foodtown/store branded chicken.

We’ve cooked Bell & Evans chicken for several years now and know the difference in look and taste between B&E and the store brand.  Given this, if the chicken pictured above was purchased and cooked, it would have tasted exactly like the Foodtown/store branded chicken, because this happened several weeks in a row now, and we are sick of getting ripped off.

So we gotta ask: is it Foodtown of Bay Ridge that keeps placing the incorrect chicken in the B&E packages?  Or is it that the B&E chicken no longer looks the same (i.e. no longer looks like fresh young chicken raised without antibiotics)? 

In our humble opinion, it is the former of the two, since the chicken in the vacuum sealed B&E packages of fresh young chicken raised without antibiotics look exactly the same as the chicken that we used to purchase in the package/label shown in the above photo.

So, consumers of Bay Ridge, be careful our there with your meat purchases, and B&E, you probably want to look into this.

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  1. Dear Beehive Hairdressers,

    I left a comment about the above article but I am not sure that it came through.

    My name is Noah Katz and I am one of the owners of Foodtown. I absolutely assure you that the poultry in our store labeled as Bell and Evans is most certainly, 100% Bell and Evans Product.

    If you have any questions about this, I welcome your feedback. Please call me at our main office, 914-667-6400, x1011. Or email me at I welcome the feedback from any shoppers.


    Noah Katz
    Foodtown Supermarkets
    PSK Supermarkets

    If the other comment is posted, please feel free to not post this one. Thank you.

  2. Noah,

    We love shopping at your store, and enjoy the fact that you are expanding the store to fit the needs of Bay Ridge — please don’t reopen the parking lot onto 3rd Avenue, the closing of that entrance has done wonders with traffic calming and made the intersection in front of your store MUCH safer.

    That said, this post was originally posted last Monday. We noticed this post flying around during the week — immediately after publishing it. Mid-week, B&E informed us that they would be making inspections of this store. When we stopped in Foodtown later on in the week, we noticed that the B&E chicken with this packaging was back to the normal look and weight.

    Was it pure coincidence that the chicken went back to being smaller in size and looking less pink? Did the local people at the store fix a mislabeling issue? Did B&E change their chicken, twice? Or had B&E been providing your store with chicken that no longer tasted like its brand and was significantly larger than it had been for years?

    We do not know all of the answers for certain, but we do know that there had been a significant change in the chicken for the worse, and that change appears to have now been fixed for the better. We wish that we knew the answer as to how it all happened.

    While we don’t believe that you would ever purposely mislabel products, it appears as though chicken that was not meant for that label was ending up in packages with said label. We’re glad that the issue appears to have mysteriously resolved itself.

  3. It looks as though we spoke too soon, as of a few minutes ago, the chicken in those packages/labels are enormous and pink once again. Go figure…

  4. searching for info on a normal bell and evans breast size brought me here- today i bought a pack of two b&e boneless skinless breasts with a 1.68lb weight, noticed when washing them that they looked big, but unfortunately didn’t look at the label until then. I didn’t notice the color, and cooked them in a very flavorful sauce, so I can’t really say anything about that, but I did notice that then didn’t have the texture that I expected from b&e fresh young chicken. They were bought at a stop and shop on long island- maybe it’s b&e that is making a mistake?

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