Our Junk Mail Dilemma

Last week, the United States Postal Service went public and said that they need more junk mail.  As it stands now, 99% of the mail that we receive is junk mail.  Junk mail is one of the bane’s of our existence.  We can’t escape it!  We get an enormous amount of unwanted magazines, credit card offers, and Scientology related junk in our mailbox — approximately several dozen pounds per year and we can’t stop it.  So we end up shredding all of that junk before placing it on the curb for recycling.

Then we have another type of junk mail delivered to our address (pictured above).  This type of junk mail isn’t even addressed to us, yet to USPS simply continues to deliver it.  We happened to have saved this type of junk mail for the past nine months or so, and it amounted to approximately two pounds of mail.   The addressee on these labels consist of the following:

  1. Resident – 23
  2. Current Resident – 10
  3. New York Neighbor – 3
  4. Current Homeowner – 2
  5. To Our Neighbors At – 1
  6. Current Occupant – 1

Now that we’ve saved it all, we don’t want to shred it.  We are taking a stand!  Plus, we don’t want to break the law — opening USPS serviced mail when it is not addressed to you is a crime –and  since the USPS needs more junk mail, we’ve decided to cross off our address and write “RETURN TO SENDER/NO SUCH ADDRESSEE” and then place it back in the blue mailbox to be returned to sender.

So USPS, we hope that you can find away to stay afloat without inconveniencing everyone living in the United States without constantly annoying and bombarding us with junk mail.  We also hope that you enjoy returning our unwanted junk mail, that was never addressed to us, and also look forward to see if any of it is redelivered to us.

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  1. My Grandmother has been gone for over a year and we still get junk mail addressed to her no matter what we put as return to sender and remove from list. Its a vicious cycle so I just tear them up and add to the recycle bin. Oh well.

  2. Actually it’s a misconception that you cannot destroy/read mail not addressed to you once it has been delivered. I still get junk mail ads for a deceased former owner. The mail is obviously junk mail, just by looking at the outside of the envelope or catalog. I shred it. If the former owner gets a letter that looks important, like a recall notice or a class action settlement, I forward it to his heir.



    Most junk mail nowadays has “or current resident” written on it, so I have no reservations about destroying it.

    But if you’re unsure, or uncomfortable opening the mail, by all means write “no longer at this address” and put it back out.

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