Ban Fracking Billboard

We aren’t fans of fracking for natural gas.  Neither are a lot of people, more specifically, neither is the person who created this work of art beneath the High Line in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Three bullet points from the above poster:

“Benzene kills brain cells”
“Run 4 ur lives we are being poisoned like rats buy Evian stock”
“How will u keep food & water clean?  It’s too late run 4 ur lives”

What irks us about the fracking boosters who march out in support of fracking, is that they say that fracking has no bad side effects when done safely.  Yet they fail to mention how terrible things become when the humans trying to frack safely screw up and poison the surrounding clean water supply — let alone how fracking safely also creates dangerous manmade earthquakes.

Governor Cuomo, please keep our water supply safe and NOT allow fracking in New York State.  Thanks!

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