Four Loko Party Of One

We came across this drunk old man on a Manhattan bound N train.  He was already on the train and in this position when we boarded at Kings Highway.

We didn’t even notice him on the train with us until two stops into our journey, because he looked dead.  Our first thought was to see if he was alive.  We noticed shallow breathing and an empty can of Four Loko behind his leg.  ALIVE!

We assume that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he decided to have a Four Loko party for himself.  Then, almost immediately after taking the above photo, he began to move, then proceeded to vomit his stomach full of Four Loko all over the floor of the subway car, cursed, and then fell back asleep.

Let this be a perfect example of who not to grow up and become.  Drink responsibly.

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  1. Poor soul! Whenever I visit New York, there’s always a scene in the rail car…

  2. I’ve learned that commuting, especially on trains and subways, makes for excellent blog fodder. Found you through 20SB, FYI.

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