Donald Trump Tweet

Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

Recently, you have used the internet, specifically Twitter, in a most dumb manner.  You are a billionaire.  With such wealth comes great responsibility.  Your internet usage appears to confirm what many of us lowly poor people had already thought, that you consistently mishandle the responsibility that you were both born into and earned for yourself.  There are a lot less fortunate people than you.  Use your wealth for good, not greed.

Take a look at how some of those little, so-called meaningless tweets of yours appear in real life.

We found this tweet of yours on Orchard Street, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Take pride in yourself, Mr. Trump.  You should be better than all of this.

A Donald Trump Suit & Tie Owner

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  1. Great post! You should check out the official twitter site too:

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