It Is Legal To Park At A Fire Hydrant

Most people don’t know this, but you can legally park in front of a fire hydrant in New York City.  Like, completely block the fire hydrant — legally.  The only catch is that there must be a licensed driver behind the wheel that will move the vehicle during an emergency and this can only be done during daylight hours.  Once the sun is supposed to have set, being parked at a fire hydrant is illegal.

You can verify this odd fact for yourself by looking it up in the New York Traffic Rules book.  (The more you know!)

So, while awaiting for our wife to finish shopping (What’s the deal with women and shopping?  Am I right?!) we waited for her while parked in front of a fire hydrant.  We aren’t sure why we felt the need to tell y’all about that odd piece of traffic law, but anyways, we took the above photo of Chelsea while parked at that fire hydrant.  Life in New York on a Sunday afternoon…

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  1. This is very useful to know! Too bad I’m not a licensed driver…still useful though!

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