Jim Power The Mosaic Man

There aren’t many celebrities who we get excited to spot on the streets of New York.  But we got excited to spot celebrity street artist, Mr. Jim Power, the Mosaic Man, as he took a quick break from creating a wonderful mosaic piece in Soho for a pop-up Etsy store.

He was nice enough to allow us the chance to both take his portrait and to check out his work in progress, a 6′ x 4′ piece, at the pop-up Etsy store.

He also told us his plan to decorate 80 more lightpoles in Manhattan to honor 80 different countries.  You can donate to help fund this project of his by clicking here.

While we dig the entire project, we especially dig this signature tile piece of his.

Yes, he does have his own online store with Etsy, which you can find here.

This is Mosaic Man’s service dog.  A total sweetie, who we spotted before we spotted the man himself.

Jim Power, the Mosaic Man… a wonderful slice of New York.

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