How Many Times Does It Take The MTA To Rebuild A Building?

We are as perplexed as ever by the second unveiling of the building at the 4th Avenue F train station in Brooklyn.  This is what is looked like as of last week.  Pretty, right?

4th avenue station 2013 construction

But, let us take a stroll through the history of the confusing construction work on it.  Prior to the Culver Viaduct rehabilitation project, the building was graffiti covered and looks like this.

4th avenue 9th street

Then, when the Culver Viaduct rehabilitation project got underway, construction crews knocked off the top portion of the building.

4th avenue 9th street construction

Then they took all of the brick off of it.

4th avenue 9th street new wall

Then they bricked/rebuilt the building and left it to look like this for approximately one year.

4th avenue 9th street new subway building

Then for some odd reason construction crews took down all of the year old brickwork.

mta demo

Finally, after being knocked down and rebuilt twice, it currently looks like this.  We appreciate that they put up the old graffiti covered stones at the top of the building this time around.

4th avenue station 2013 construction

We can’t help but wonder if there is room in the budget for the building to get torn down and rebuilt for a third time.  Maybe even just to have the project go over budget.  It would almost be a shame if it wasn’t.

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