What Happens To Snow On Top Of The Freedom Tower?

We’ve witnessed several pieces of the Freedom Tower be either hoisted up or slowly dropped down below to the ground again, but it is still thrilling to watch.  It is a wonder to see the skill with which the crane operator pulls heavy objects through the tight and windy sky without breaking windows.  Anyway, we watched a big dumpster being pulled up to the top of the Trade Center.

freedom tower crane

The big kind of dumpster that scares drivers on the highway to the point where nobody with half a brain will follow close behind.

dumpster in the sky

Just look at that reflection in the Freedom Tower…

dumpster at freedom tower

We wondered what the dumpster was being brought up on a Sunday for.  Then we looked below and saw what the crews were doing with the dumpsters at street level.

wtc snow removal

The construction crews needed to put all of the snow that stuck to the roof of the Freedom Tower into something in order to safely remove it so that they could get back to actually building the building.  It’s not like they could simply shovel it over the side of the building.

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