Hurricane Sandy Damaged Sidewalk Still Not Fixed

It’s been approximately four months since Hurricane Sandy tore through the New York City area, leaving several portions of the area severely damaged to the point where it will take years to properly rebuild.  That said, it’s been four months since the storm and we still have an unfixed Brooklyn sidewalk that was destroyed by Sandy.  It is still impassable in what was a relatively untouched and undamaged area of Brooklyn.

hurricane sandy damage never fixed

A massive fallen London Plane tree is responsible for having made the western side of Brooklyn’s Ridge Blvd, between 93rd and 94th Street, a hazardous and impassable location.  Here’s the link to a spectacular video of the fallen tree.

broken sidewalk

We understand that things take time to get fixed, you know, things like piers, sand dunes, and major infrastructure, but a four month wait to fix a sidewalk that is completely broken is a bit much and quite frankly, uncivilized.  It’s a slap in the face to anyone who uses a wheelchair or a walking stick to get around the neighborhood.

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