NYC Homeless People

These are a couple of homeless men who have been living inside of the 95th Street subway station of the R subway line in Brooklyn.  They live there along with another couple of men and have done so for at least the past two years.  They switch between using one of the closets and the rails as a place to defecate and urinate.  The stench at the southern most portion of the station varies day to day.

nyc homeless people
A sarcastic thanks to the MTA for allowing them to live and make their own bathroom there for years on end.  Heck, they even have some good luck cash hanging on the wall behind them, so they are both well on their way to being able to legally buy that portion of the subway for a dollar each via the NYC squatting laws. We bet that once they get ownership of that portion of the subway, they’ll be able to flip it for a billion dollars or two.

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