Bay Ridge Is NOT The Best Place In Brooklyn To Raise Children

Last month, some fool wrote an article declaring Bay Ridge to be the best neighborhood in Brooklyn to raise children in.  We have lived in Bay Ridge our whole life, our family has been here for approximately 100 years/five generations – our son is currently being raised in Bay Ridge – basically, we know a thing or two about Bay Ridge.   With our knowledge, we cannot in good faith say that Bay Ridge is the best neighborhood in Brooklyn to raise children in.

verrazano bridge in mesh

Aside from our local political leaders being completely ass backwards with regard to many things such as modern women, marriage equality, common sense spending, and driving at safe speeds – they are also against safety changes to arguably the most dangerous stretch of roadway in Bay Ridge.  Basically, our “leaders” plow through life in a pig-headed manner and that is a terrible example to bestow upon children.

Unfortunately, pig-headed behavior does not stop at local leaders.  It has been bestowed upon the hearts and minds of many of the local yokels within the neighborhood.  From young to old.  For instance, take the old battle axe behind the wheel of this car.

bay ridge drivers

Full plate…


While out for a stroll with our wife and five month old son, this old battle axe decided to plow through a stop sign (which is the norm in Bay Ridge), and proceeded to park her car in the middle of the crosswalk at 79th Street and Ridge Boulevard.  She looked at us in the eyes and yelled through her window for us to go walk around her car – which would have required us to stroller around her in a giant, backward C-loop through Ridge Boulevard, where people do not stop at stop signs.  We asked her to move her vehicle so that we could safely cross the street, she told us off because she “needed to park there so that she could drop mail off into the box.”

This is the common way of life in Bay Ridge.  So, Simone Weichselbaum, you ma’am, need to learn about the beat that you write about and declare to be the best.  Just sayin’.

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  1. Oh c’mon, get a grip. Roll your eyes and move on. You say you’ve been here 18 generations or whatever; you should be beyond this petty shit esp regarding ‘battle axes’. One day you’ll be old and cranky that it’s not easy to park to post your mail. Be thankful that you’re living in one of the best neighborhoods to raise your baby. I don’t live in Bay Ridge but I would love to. Mill Basin here.

  2. Walking to the corner to drop off the mail or having someone drop it for you or simply double parking before the crosswalk if it is that big of hardship to walk all the way to the corner is a more decent thing to do.

    We are with you on the Mill Basin comment. IOHO, a family might as well not even live in Brooklyn if it’s going to be Mill Basin since Mill Basin is so far out of the far out of the way (and without subway service) from most everything that NYC has to offer.

  3. Your all Crazy Bay Ridge STINks!

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