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Meowy Christmas

Merry Christmas, y’all!

meowy christmas

Or rather, Meowy Christmas, y’all!

You Are A Bagel

This is one of our sleepy cats…

To quote Alf, “you are a bagel.”

Enjoy your Sunday morning bagels!

2 Cats 1 Fly

Good cat brothers know how to enjoy sharing the fun of a fly in the house.  Mr. Muscles (on the right) brought the fly from the windowsill to his brother, the King of Leon.

Sharing is caring.  FRIENDS!!!

The Towel Inspector

We caught the King of Leon doing some side work…

He is the Towel Inspector!

The Yawning Cat

We are fascinated how we can catch yawns from certain people, yet are impervious to yawns from others.  We caught our cat, the King of Leon, mid-yawn, as his brother, Mr. Muscles, checks out the floor.

Just seeing the King of Leon in the middle of that yawn keeps making us yawn.  Is his yawn contagious enough to cause you to yawn?

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