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The Beehive Crown

We came across this beehive in a tree in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

beehive on a tree
It’s such a perfect beehive that it could be worn as a crown, though we wouldn’t recommend doing so.

The Squirrel On A Tree

Check out this neurotic freeloader…

squirrel on a tree
He’s just adorable!

NYC Pigeon

We caught this pigeon sneaking a peak at us in Washington Square Park.

nyc pigeon


The Dying Sunflower

With autumn in full swing, this is the end for sunflowers in our neck of Brooklyn.

sunflower bloom
They are all marching face down to their winter death… TOTAL COOLNESS!

Dragonfly Corpse

With autumn upon us, the summer insect life is passing.  We found the corpse of a dragonfly on our car.

dead dragonfly

dragonfly corpse

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