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Mill Basin Still Has Hurricane Sandy Damage

This is present day Mill Basin, directly behind Kings Plaza Mall.

mill basin sandy damage 2014
It has yet to recover from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  The docks are barely there and/or sunken and a sunken boat is sitting at what is left of a dock with its nose sticking out of the water. Fail

We recently needed to find out when the latest addition of the Chief came out to the stands so that we could read a very specific article.  The Chief is a completely different newspaper than the New York Times.  That said, this is what happens when you get people writing answers for who have no clue about New York City.

ask com fail
Thanks, internet.  Jeeves must be rolling over in his grave…

St. Vincent’s Hospital Meets The Dodo Bird

Since the year 2000, New York City has seen 19 hospitals close and shutter their doors.  The City of New York has seen hospitals be figuratively gutted from neighborhoods.  Now, St. Vincent’s Hospital has literally been gutted and torn down (condos are going up for rich folks who will likely not have to pay much, if any, property taxes on them).

st vincents hospital 2013

nyc hospitals are gutted
We were shocked to see that the entire building that housed the emergency room of the hospital has been demolished and that not much is left of the others.  But, New York City is all about change, we are changing towards a future where there are no hospitals left, because who needs to get sick and die when they are in the great city in the world.  Right?

Epic Facebook Fail

Facebook decided to ask me where we went to college.

epic facebook fail

One of the answers that it gave was a high school.  Epic Facebook fail!

The Brooklyn Wailing Wall

Many folks find themselves traveling to Israel in a pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall, aka the Western Wall, where they write down a prayer, fold it, and stick it into the cracks of the wall.  (Because that’s the best way to talk directly to God, obviously.)  What many fail to realize, is that the a Wailing Wall right here in Brooklyn.

prayer left in wailing wall

Look, someone left a prayer with hopes of riches in the wall.

brooklyn wailing wall

So head on out to the Kings Highway N train station in Brooklyn.  There are plenty of cracks  to be filled with prayers.  Let’s all hope that someone will pray for the many large, vertical cracks to be fixed before the entire station literally falls apart and upon commuters.

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