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The MTA Wasting Money

Last week the MTA announced that it will be raising fares on the subway system here in New York and that it will also be raising the tolls on the bridges and tunnels that it operates.  They need this extra money to cover the expenses of a large and financially ill-run system that allows for massive amounts of waste.

For instance, during the winter of 2010/2011 the above building at 4th Avenue and 9th Street was torn down and rebuilt.  Then last month, it was torn down again.  After sitting idle for several weeks, it is once again being rebuilt.

The MTA, it’s a place where fiduciary responsibility has nothing to do with regards to billions of dollars in revenues and operating costs.


Culver Viaduct Rehab Waste

As many people who travel via the F and G train in Brooklyn already know, the Culver Viaduct has been in the middle of a major construction project for years now.  We understand that it is a necessary rehabilitation project on an aged infrastructure.  What we don’t understand is this:

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that the top portion of the building at the 4th Avenue F/G portion of the station was just demolished within the past few weeks.

We don’t understand is why it was recently demolished.  It was just demolished and then rebuilt last year.  We even have the before and after photo of it that we published in June 2011.

So we have to wonder… Was there no oversight the first time around and the building was rebuilt incorrectly?  Or is there no oversight now and the MTA is merely getting ripped off (as they are prone to) and having the same job being done twice at a ridiculous price?

When Suckers Grow Up

There’s that old saying about a sucker is born every minute.  Well, those suckers grow up.  We found a bunch of them waiting on a line that went out the door at Shake Shack on the Upper West Side.  They were waiting for (in our humble opinion) are mediocre fast food burgers at best.

It’s good to see that they made an afternoon of it and were taking photos of themselves waiting on a line.

The Twitter Book

For several years now, word has been that the publishing industry is falling to pieces.  Yet somehow, despite these hard times, a publisher saw to it to publish The Twitter Book.

And to top it off, The Twitter Book was so successful that a 2nd edition was printed up.  We are blown away that two people bs’d enough information to make both a book proposal, and then a manuscript, and that it then became a published book that also got picked up by a distributor.  It’s twitter!!!

We cannot imagine anyone needing the information that is inside of The Twitter Book, or reading it, yet it is a successful book.   Because of this, we are going to draft together a book proposal for another unnecessary book and call ours THE STAIRCASE BOOK (45,000 words due January 2013).  And we are going to try to get that Cory fellow to write a blurb that goes something like this, “This book delivers amazing, quality and ultra fine material on how to effectively use and enjoy staircases.”


Royal Irony

If King Charles II of England were to magically come back to life today, we sure to hope that he would laugh and find humor in the irony of the King Highway N train subway station.

With its crumbling walls and ceiling, King Charles II might say, “Who hath bestowed such a marvel of human excellence upon my crown!?”

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