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Mill Basin Still Has Hurricane Sandy Damage

This is present day Mill Basin, directly behind Kings Plaza Mall.

mill basin sandy damage 2014
It has yet to recover from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  The docks are barely there and/or sunken and a sunken boat is sitting at what is left of a dock with its nose sticking out of the water.

Downtown Brooklyn Construction

While serving our civic duty of sitting in a room full of strangers for jury duty, our view was of the latest construction rumblings going on in downtown Brooklyn.

downtown brooklyn construction
We can’t wait for the sun to be blocked even more so, all in the name of progress.

Spring And Mulberry Construction

We know that this construction project on the corner of Spring and Mulberry is years, maybe even decades in the making.

spring and mulberry construction
But that corner lot will always be known to us as a good place for junkies to pee in, because that’s what we used to see going on it in when it was a parking lot.  Now a different set of junkies will eventually move in and they will get to pee in it.  America!

Brooklyn’s Worst Architecture

Below is a photo of some of Brooklyn’s best absolute worst architecture.

brooklyns best architecture
The architect must have been going with a “let’s get an oversize lunar module to take a dump on an early 20th Century single family home” sort of look with it.  This house sits along E 12th Street, just off of Avenue R, and has looked like this for years.  Nothing like a neighbor taking a literal dump on the landscape to brighten up a neighborhood.

Di Fara Pizza Shop

We happened to pass a closed Di Fara pizza shop along Midwood’s now dismal Avenue J in the midst of the polar vortex snowstorm last week.  The snow made the scene much prettier than it normally is…

di fara pizza shop
Plus, the deep freeze and snow began to make us feel as though it was worth it to pay an arm and a leg for two slices of pizza, but it was closed, so we had a delicious goat dish from a nearby Pakistani spot.  Delish!

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