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Passive Aggressive Love In Brooklyn

We found this creepy and poorly thought out passive aggressive love sign in Sheepshead Bay, at the Avenue Y overpass for the Q train.

passive aggressive love
Whoever wrote this, and we aren’t sure if Pawel, Shanise, or Shamise wrote it, needs to just sit back and let things cool off.   And whoever this was written too should go running for the hills.  Pawel, Shanise and Shamise, don’t go running back into the arms of some fool who proclaims their love for you like this.

The Flying Witch

And they say that witches don’t fly…

flying witch

Your Options Include

Via the Lower East Side… your options include:

your options include
No worries.

Math Face Geek Graffiti

We’ve been seeing this face graffiti literally all over Brooklyn.  This particular piece is on 39th Street and 13th Avenue in Boro Park.

math face
We don’t “get it” and wouldn’t be surprised if it was a drug possession claim or something of the like, but we like to think of this annoying graffiti as the geekiest piece of graffiti imaginable…  What with the double circles and a septagon creating the rough image of a face.

Best Mailboxes In America

We did it, we found the two best United States mailboxes in all the land.  Look at these beautiful, the most beautiful, mailboxes in all the land that sit at the corner of Remsen Street and Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights.

best mailboxes in america
We never knew that U.S. Mail relay boxes could be anything but green.  Mind = blown!

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