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How To Stop Spam Texting

We have a long history of pure distaste for those who choose to use our cell phone to send us spam phone calls and text messages.  This is due in part to our number being on a national do not call list, and also due to the fact that the people behind these messages tend to be scam artists.  Given this latter piece of information, when we got a spam text from 571-236-1707, we decided to see who was on the other end of the line, and sent them a text reply.

It’s been more than ten days since we sent our reply.  Since then, we haven’t received a spam text from anyone — all has been quiet on the text spammer front.  So, just as a “penis hands” comment is a faux pas that would end most any conversation in real life, it seems to work well in text form too.

Lesson learned!

609-379-9736 – Telescammer

Holy Cow!!! We got our 4th textscam today! 

This one was hidden in our text folder and was actually received prior to the third textscam posted today.

This 4th textscam arrived from 609-379-9736 and read:

“You’re Approved! 4.49% APR FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage! 3.25% APR Equity Line! Call Liberty Mortgage Lender NOW: 1-888-608-7490 Approval Code: 3671″

We look forward to calling them up!

714-732-8107 – Telescammer

It looks as though it might be a long autumn and winter with textscammers.  We just received our THIRD textscam today.  This time it was from 714-732-8107 and it read:

“Do you have 10k or more in credit card debt?  Our debt relief program CUTS your payments and total debt by over HALF.  No upfront fees.  May we contact you?”

We decided to call them back and received an automated recording from the phone company stating that the person has not set up their voicemail yet.  Since that didn’t work, we sent a text back asking how we could contact them with hopes of them calling us. 

Thankfully our ‘great’ state of New York allows for only one party to consent to the taping of a phone conversation for it to be legal and we look forward to such a conversation.

714-732-8107 – Telescammer

As if the 8AM textscam wasn’t bad enough, we just received another likely textscam.  This time from 714-732-8107:

“Do you have 10k or more in credit card debt?  Our debt relief program CUTS your payments and total debt by over HALF.  No upfront fees.  May we contact you?”

Unless they’re talking about debt that’s already been sold to a collection agency for pennies on the dollar — in which case the debtor is already screwed — they’re likely to be the same type of people who would knock over an elderly woman into a snowbank and then steal her purse. 

Sigh…we long for the days of telescamming phone calls that allowed us to screw around with the scammer who called us – thosewerethedays! 

323-440-1334 – Telescammer

SInce the law finally cracked down on the many telescamming phone calls that we used to get on our Verizon Wireless phone we’ve switched to AT&T Wireless and discovered that we’re now able to receive text message scams.  Lucky us!

We received this text that smells highly of a scammer at 8AM fro 323-440-1334:

“Is your mortgage payment too high?  Our program can lower your high payments immediately.  Would you like to learn more about this?”

They might as well just text people asking for their social security number and call it a day.

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