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951-318-2078 – Telescammer!

The other day I received what looked to be a phishing scam text message from 951-308-2078 on my Verizon cell phone. 

“ Homeowners, lower your mortgage payment by doing a Loan Modification.  Late on payments OK,  Upsidedown equity OK.  May we give you a call?”

It seemed to be more shady than a mortgage broker holding a gun to your head on a dark alley. 

I took a look at the website for and it just makes the case that it is a phishing scam more concrete.

They’re asking for all kinds of information, name, address and previous loan information details.  I feel sad for the chumps who actually fall for this.

CDC Telemarketing

Telemarketing is often thought of as calling someone up with the intent to sell them something.  To me telemarketing is calling someone up out of the blue and soliciting them in one form or another – whether or not something is being sold is not the issue – calling for unwanted or unrequested business purposes is telemarketing.

I do not enjoy getting such calls so I placed myself on the National Do Not Call List. 

Yesterday afternoon someone claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control called my landline and immediately started reading off her text of marketing questions babble.

When she finished her first question of wanting to know how many children under the age of three where in my household I informed her that I was on the DNC list and asked why she was calling.

“I’m not a telemarketer, so the Do Not Call List rules do not apply.”

“You’re doing market research by way of an unsolicited and unwanted phone call.  That’s telemarketing.”

“Actually it’s…”

I cut her off with, “Now that’s just semantics.  What you’re doing is telemarketing.”


904-863-0214 – Telescammer

It appears as though the courts and Verizon finally got rid of those annoying telescammers who would robot call everyone with “2nd notice to renew you car warranty.” 

I say this because the new scam going is robots calling people saying, “2nd chance to lower your credit card rate.”

The call came in from 904-863-0214 and the robot now has a name, Jessica.

Naturally I pressed one “to lower my rate” and proceeded to run to the bathroom.

When the scammer came on I immediately flushed the toilet while saying…

“Errrrrraaaaaaahhhhhh!  That sh!t sounds good, doesn’t it?”


603-214-3656 Telescammer

I’ve been missing a lot of phone calls from Telescammers lately, and so I was very happy to finally pick one up in time.

The call came in from 603-214-3656 and was the usual “This is your 2nd notice that your factory warranty is about to expire….”

I decided to speak with a lisp and see how long the call would last.

Telescammer:  Make and model of your vehicle?

BeehiveHairdresser:  ’06 Prius.

TS:  How many miles are on it?

BH:  About 30,000.

TS: Are you looking to extend your warranty?

BH:  Sure am and by the way, you have a sexy voice.


So yeah…not only do telescammers hate Mexicans, they also hate people with speech impediments!

231-732-2338 Telescammers

After several weeks of telescammer silence I thought that the company behind them was finally busted for the scam, then at around 10AM this morning I received the standard phone call of “Your vehicle warranty is about to expire…it’s not too late…this is your last chance…etc” taped recording asking me to press one to speak to a rep.

Naturally, I pressed one and was almost instantly greeted by a dude working for the scam, and we had the following chat…mind you, I was speaking in my best over the top Axl Rose sort of voice.

BeehiveHairdresser: Hi, I’m calling about the scam…

Telescammer: I’m sorry, what?

BH: I’m calling about the vehicle scam…

By this time I had my toilet bowl open, flushed with the phone facing it for maximum toilet sound effects and said…

BH: Stop being scam artists!  Get a real job motherf*ckaaaaa…


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