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1st Degree Subway Seat Hog

Folks of Bay Ridge who use the 95th Street R train subway stop, if this is your daughter, please tell her that her resolution for the new year should be for her to stop riding the subway during rush hour like this.  Autumn 2013 = this is your daughter…

college student riding subway to class
Yes, she’s SO TIRED from her college classes, but she is also a litterbug and a 1st Degree seat hog.

The Nettling Of The G Train

This very well might be a thing in which we are the only people irked by, but allow us to explain.  This is a new-ish sign along the G train route at 4th Avenue and 9th Street.  Up until this sign was put up, people had to simply know that the G train is much shorter than the platform and that they needed to wait for the train in the middle of the platform, or run towards the train once it arrives.  This sign is meant to help those who are not in the know, which is a great thing.

g train stops here
The thing that irks us about the sign though is this: it has the platform in the wrong location and the incorrect type of subway car is shown as a G train.  This is the proper G train, which also shows where the platform is in association of the train:

g train brooklyn
We aren’t losing sleep over it, but it’s the little things in life… the little things… they should be done properly.

Charles Hynes Re-election Campaign Blights Brooklyn

As if we didn’t need more reason to not vote for Charles Hynes to be the district attorney of Brooklyn — because really, being seen as helping hide child molesters from the public prosecution when your job to prosecute such crimes isn’t enough? — his campaign is has chosen to blight Brooklyn.  We’ve seen Hynes’ face plastered all over Brooklyn with posters like these:

charles hynes blight
Not only that, but his campaign workers obnoxiously patrolled the route of NYC Marathon, repeatedly trying to hand out fliers to the same people who had to decline said fliers repeatedly, advertizing his re-election, and politicizing an event that is meant to bring people together peacefully – not divide and stir up narrow-minded politics.  It’s a move that is tacky at best.

charles hynes campaign workers 2013 marathonWe hope to see you go and enjoy retirement while living in Queens, Mr. Hynes.

Help Rachel Find Her Beer

Dearest Rachel,

You left this beer along a windowsill on Cortlandt Alley in Tribeca.  We know that it’s yours because you wrote your name with a smiley face on the cup.  Do your parents know that you turn overpriced cups of iced coffee from Starbucks into beer cups?  If they did, they would probably enjoy your thrifty nature.  The beer is probably too warm for your taste by now, but should you have been wondering where your beer was, it’s on the eastern side of the alley.  We highly doubt that anyone has taken a sip of it, so feel free to continue imbibing.

rachels beerAnd try not to blow anyone in the desolate alley this time, you’ll forget that you left your beer there once again.

St. Vincent’s Hospital Meets The Dodo Bird

Since the year 2000, New York City has seen 19 hospitals close and shutter their doors.  The City of New York has seen hospitals be figuratively gutted from neighborhoods.  Now, St. Vincent’s Hospital has literally been gutted and torn down (condos are going up for rich folks who will likely not have to pay much, if any, property taxes on them).

st vincents hospital 2013

nyc hospitals are gutted
We were shocked to see that the entire building that housed the emergency room of the hospital has been demolished and that not much is left of the others.  But, New York City is all about change, we are changing towards a future where there are no hospitals left, because who needs to get sick and die when they are in the great city in the world.  Right?

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