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New Project Soon

Hey!  Long time no blog, eh?  We have been busy working our vegetable garden in the beautiful Hudson Valley and working on an exciting new project.  Should you wish to be one of the first to know about said exciting new project, leave a comment.  When you leave said comment, make sure that your email address is listed somewhere in there.  Your email address will not be spammed, sold, shared with others or otherwise be made public on this website.  We will merely utilize the email address to send you periodic updates about our new project as it gets closer to launch.  Thank you for all of the years of stopping by here.

I’m Staying Alive

For those of you who are wondering, we are still alive and well – just ridiculously busy of late.  We moved out of New York City, or as a longtime neighbor of ours said with regards to moving out of Brooklyn, “you’ve escaped the 38th Parallel.”

Still settling in with the new space.  More posts and BIG news to come in due time.

In Which We Ask Of You The Reader

We’d like to take a moment to ask all of our readers to hope, pray, and or send positive energy out into the world with hopes of helping Dic Donohue continue his recovery.  Dic is the cop who was critically wounded in the shootout with the Boston bombers last week.

richard donohue
[Image via: NY Daily News]

Dic is married to Kim, who was one of this here blog’s early supporters.   Dic’s story is incredible and we imagine that it will probably make medical history.  We hope that he will soon be well enough to tell the world about his ordeal (if he so chooses) and be able to go back home at 100% to be with his family.

Empire State Building Forest

That’s the Empire State Building, seen rising from the urban jungle, or forest, if you will, in the almost literal of sense, that is New York City.

empire state building forest

One, two, three!

The $4,000 Mystery

Earlier this summer, a $4,000 solar trash compactor was installed on 4th Avenue between 86th and 87th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.   (We would like to applaud the BID’s choice of solar power and it would be even cooler if all of the businesses within the BID were powered by a clean form of energy.)  The 86th Street BID installed this BigBelly with the idea that by using the compactor, the busy corners would no longer be plagued with a large amount of trash bags.   

Having said that, the couple of seconds that we spent passing the compactor on our way to the subway has left us confused, because the corner directly behind the above compactor looked like this.

As you can see, a lot of trash is still on the corner, which is directly outside of the subway entrance.  We didn’t notice any signs about who should be throwing trash into the trash compactor, and we are quite honestly confused as to who should be using it.

Are people now supposed to place their random pieces of litter inside the compactor instead of the corner trash cans?  If so, it really doesn’t seem like a wise idea to allow the many random skell, transient, or other unintelligent people who pass through the area to have access to such a powerful piece of machinery. 

Or, is the private company that was hired by the 86th Street BID, to keep the area litter free, supposed to bring the trash from the corner trash cans to the compactor and compact it all? 

Either way, it’s clear that not many people have used the trash compactor, and people are treating the compactor as if it is an unstable bomb that is ready to blow up at any moment — no one goes near it, and not even one scratch/piece of graffiti has landed on it since being installed in July.

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