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Brooklyn Bridge

We’re in the middle of a BIG move over in the land of BeehiveHairdresser – seeing as this post was written days ago, hopefully the move is actually running smoothly.

So while that’s going on, just enjoy this…

It IS awesome!!!

R.I.P. Crispy The Mouse

Saturday afternoon I found the grave of Crispy the Mouse on Ridge Boulevard near 81st Street.

The grave is between the sidewalk and the curb/street – not in a backyard.

From the looks of the grave I’d really actually wish that I had been at the ceremony.

Chinatown’s Rooftop Graffiti

I’m constantly impressed over the fact that graffiti artists can gain access to anywhere that they want to gain access to in order to put a piece up.

One such place that is always popular are the rooftops in Chinatown – you get the audience of the B, D, N & Q trains every couple of minutes nearly every day of the year.

For a more in depth look at the rooftop graffiti of Chinatown, take a look in the gallery.

Crif Dogs Bathroom

This is the bathroom of Crif Dogs underneath the staircase…

I love it!!!

Wizard Of Oz At MSG

The Wizard of Oz is having some sort of revival at the theater inside Madison Square Garden.  I know this because they keep playing a commercial with the Cowardly Lion telling everyone to come on by.

This Cowardly Lion really irritates me because the guy who is the actor playing the Cowardly Lion isn’t acting, he’s just trying to mimic the Cowardly Lion from the famous Judy Garland Wizard of Oz – i.e. over the top gay lisp.

Are we to believe that cowards ONLY have lisps that are stereotyped to be that of certain rank and file members of the gay community?

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that people expect a certain thing when they go to see the Wizard of Oz, and at the same time actors and actresses also need to bring something to the table too.

It’s not like all of the Center Squares try and mimic Paul Lynde vocals, but I’d LOVE to see THAT happen…

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