The Fancy Hat

We found this fancy hat at the corner of Church Ave and McDonald Ave in Kensington, Brooklyn.

fancy hat
We might wear the hat ourselves one day.

Passive Aggressive Love In Brooklyn

We found this creepy and poorly thought out passive aggressive love sign in Sheepshead Bay, at the Avenue Y overpass for the Q train.

passive aggressive love
Whoever wrote this, and we aren’t sure if Pawel, Shanise, or Shamise wrote it, needs to just sit back and let things cool off.   And whoever this was written too should go running for the hills.  Pawel, Shanise and Shamise, don’t go running back into the arms of some fool who proclaims their love for you like this.

The Time We Ran Into Alex Rodriguez

With baseball season upon us, we would like to take a moment to discuss baseball’s most hated man: A-Rod.

Alex Rodriguez
[image via: atlantablackstar]

We are not fans of A-Rod the player.  He, along with many other greedy players and owners have sullied the sport and chipped away at the fun of watching baseball.  At the same time, we had a run in with A-Rod this winter that let us form an opinion of A-Rod the man.  It is our one and only time that our paths have crossed.

We were in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  At 6th Avenue and Sterling Place to be exact.  We were standing at the southeastern corner waiting for the light to change so that we could safely cross to the southwestern corner of 6th Avenue.  The light changed to green and we noticed that one single black BMW was waiting for the light with us.  We were far from a rush and know that BMW drivers tend to be d!cks who will cut pedestrians off to pass in front, so we decided to wave and let the car go in front of us.  The driver waved back to signal for us to cross.  It was at this moment that we realized that the driver was Mr. Suspension himself, Alex Rodriguez.  Now this game of politeness became real.

We waved the car on a second time.  Then he waved back a second time.  So we waved a third time and the BMW began to cross in front of us.  We won the battle of politeness, or so we thought.  A-Rod though, being the man who needs to win, decided to throw us up a thank you wave and smile.  He got the last laugh and won at our game of politeness.

A-Rod: jerk of a baseball player, but also good person who is top of the line when it comes to pedestrians having the right of way in NYC.  Go figure – and no, this is not a fake post for April Fools.

The Flying Witch

And they say that witches don’t fly…

flying witch

Mill Basin Still Has Hurricane Sandy Damage

This is present day Mill Basin, directly behind Kings Plaza Mall.

mill basin sandy damage 2014
It has yet to recover from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  The docks are barely there and/or sunken and a sunken boat is sitting at what is left of a dock with its nose sticking out of the water.

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