Evidence Of Office Sex

Exhibit A that some of your coworkers in Rockefeller Center have had sex after 6PM the night before.  That’s the time the cleaning crew made their last night round of cleaning the night before.

workplace bathroom sex
Rethink who stays late working in your office, folks.  There is nothing like overtime sex, right?

The Floor Pizza

This is usually a sight of a late drunken night that has turned into a Saturday or Sunday morning.

floor pizza
Not a Tuesday night at 7:30.  Party hard.

Your Options Include

Via the Lower East Side… your options include:

your options include
No worries.

MTA Beach

There is now a beach on a subway platform.

mta beach
4th Avenue-9th Street is where it’s at.  Swim at your own risk.

Bacon Ranch Pizza

Like all good Americans, we enjoy both strips of bacon and ranch dressing more than we should, because that’s what being an American is all about.  Merica!   We also love pizza too and we are thankful that someone has figured out how to combine all three into a delicious slice of heart attack at Pronto Pizza in Croton-on-Hudson.

bacon ranch pizza
Though it is far from being the world’s best tasting pizza (which is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the intelligent and refined Italians moved to), it is still quite yummy.

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